Helping organizations improve employee retention & performance

Bouncbk is a mobile platform designed to help your employees measure and improve their emotional wellbeing.

Happy employees are more productive and stay longer

Happiness is not a condition, it is a skill that can be measured and built

Emotional skills are best learnt in real-time through on-demand guidance while navigating real life challenges

The Science

Mental wellbeing continuum defines various levels of mental wellbeing people experience at different times.

Various day to day and major life events impact our mental wellbeing.

Those of us who are more skilled at being resilient bounce back faster – and enjoy better mental wellbeing and productivity.

Step 1 : Launch

Announce the organization’s plan to extend employees access to the app. Kick off with a workshop / webinar on building emotional wellbeing and use follow up communication to drive adoption. Each employees will receive a unique access code each via email or access card.

Step 2 : Assessment

The employee spend less than 10 minutes responding to the Bouncbk Strengths Assessment using their unique access code. The assessment can be customised to include various survey clusters such as employee engagement, manager feedback among others. No need for multiple employee surveys.

Step 3 : Employee report

After completing the assessment, the employee receives personalised wellbeing report and development plan.

Step 4 : Coaching

The employee also get unlimited access to a wellbeing coach (qualified psychologists), who stays just a text away to help the employee build happiness skills and apply them to manage stress.

Step 5 : Calls

In addition to the ongoing text chat based coaching, the employee can schedule audio/video calls within the secure boundaries of the app.

Step 6 : Exercises

The employee is sent regular emotional wellbeing skill building lessons and exercises that are personalised basis the the employee’s assessment results.

Step 8 : Tracking

Changes in the employee’s emotional wellbeing are regularly measured using in app micro surveys.

Step 9 : Analytics

The organization’s leadership gets an organization level employee wellbeing report. Organization level wellbeing measurement provides data based insights that help leaders run strategic programs that improve employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity in targeted ways.

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